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Anyhow lyrics

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Byron Cage lyrics : "Anyhow"

Dave Hollister

Though the storms in Life will come
And sometimes I may feel alone
I can stand upon the promise
You won't leave me
In desperate times it causes me,
It causes me to stay on my knees;
So I will praise You anyhow...

With tears streaming down my face
I'll put on the garment of praise
There'd no trouble that will come
That you won't help me
The enemy has to flee
I already have vic-to-ry
So I will praise Him any-how.

Chorus: Anyhow, any-how, anyhow,
I'll praise you any-how.

The trials that come
Its only here to make me strong
For Your strength is made perfect
in my weakness
You promised to supply my needs
And that you will never leave
So I will praise You any-how

After You've done everything
I'm not sure what the day will bring
But, by faith I'll wait on You Lord
Because You're right there
And even when I want to give in
I'll hold out until the end
For I will praise You any------how

Special: Hallelujah Anyhow, anyhow
Just keep on praise Him Oh anyhow, anyhow
Hallelujah any how
I'll praise Him anyhow
I'll praise Him anyhow
I'll praise Him anyhow
I'll praise Him anyhooooowwwww!

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