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Confessions lyrics

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BURY TOMORROW lyrics : "Confessions"

Breathe! Oh God breathe Breathe!
Oh god please breathe
I hate everything about you
But it seems I have to clean up all the damage you do
So I just sit and wait
It's just a cut at the throat
Four months I've had to swallow my pride
You don't know how much that killed me inside
And I'm waiting for a sign,
To show you that,
That this is my crime
And I know why,
I know why I can't
Confess to this,
Show you what I am
I said I'd find you
I fucking did
I'll shred the integrity you have left
I'm so sick of you, it's just a cut at the throat, a cut at the throat
We'll see who's laughing now
And I want you to know that this is a time for me to show
I just want you to know,
That I just need those words, to go
Waiting alone for a sign
To show you that, that this is my crime
And I know why, and I know why I care
Lets do this, show you what I am
We're set to sail to the sky
We won't be seeing the light anymore
I't's the price I've paid too much,
It's over, what have I done
What have I fucking done
Bodies will fall, bodies will fall it's the price they pay! [x2]
It's the price they pay [x2]

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Writer(s): Adam Hansell Jackson, David Winter-Bates, Jason Cameron, Mehdi Vismara, Daniel Winter-Bates
Copyright: Razor & Tie Direct LLC Dba O.B.O. Bury Tomorrow Pub Designee, Razor & Tie Direct LLC Dba Songs Of Razor And Tie
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