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BUCKCHERRY lyrics : "Next To You"

Come to you honey on the east side runnin’ and I ain’t got time to waste
Jump into the car in the back seat lovin’ but your keeping me on the chase
I’ve been trying all nightlong I put up with your favorite songs all night

Tempted by your tainted love I surely like for you to come inside my crystal
ball what can I do
Is it true what they say you won’t give it away

And I don’t what to do to next to you, next to you
Every night everyday you just push me away
Tell me what should I do to next to you, next to you

I’ve been trying all nightlong cause I want to get next to you
I wrote about you baby in this song and I want to get next to you
Next to you

Better than koolaid sweet my buttercup baby’s got a pretty face
I got to have it, it’s another bad habit I hope not here to late

Spent my money, teasing me honey, what should I do

When you gonna show me? I think you owe me, come on baby see it through

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Writer(s): Jimmy Ashhurst, Martin H. Frederiksen, Keith Nelson, Steven Dacanay, Xavier K. Muriel, Joshua Todd
Copyright: Cash And Carry Music, Dago Red Music, Sienna Sienna Songs, Numbsie Music, Lick The Star Music, WB Music Corp., Chiva Music
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