BTOB lyrics : "두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession)"

Today is a very important day
It's the day when I give my second confession to one girl
I am going to find her once again
Will she accept my heart?
I feel good today for some reason

I threw away all my pride for this second confession
Though I have so much to say, I'll keep it short
I will change and improve so from today and every day on
I want to have a great love like Gyon Woo and Jik Nyu^

For you, I stay cooped up in my room, practicing my confession
I practice singing so I serenade you
Even if you fall, get up again, don't worry, have courage
I write an awkward letter and buy a big bear doll

The times we used to love, those dream-like times
I can't forget any of those times

All day, I only think of you, I stayed up all night again girl
My heart feels frustrated on this sleepless night

How are you? I guess you're okay
Day by day, I am drenched with your memories so it's hard
If you will come back some day, there won't be any tears ? my second confession

I want you back baby I swear it's true
Won't ever make you jealous, I'll make them jealous of you
Come back to me, for eternity
And take a listen to my 2nd confession please

You and me, now we're facing each other from across the street
What to do? It feels like my heart will explode
Someone please send my love through Cupid's arrow to her, save me
Oh! It's green light!

Can those times come back?
Will you be able to be with me again?
The restaurant on Garusu Street, breakfast at Nonhyun-dong
I want to taste that alleyway kiss once more

All the hard times are all days I regret the more time passes
I want to turn back all of those days

All day, I only think of you, I stayed up all night again girl
How about you? I want to go back to you


I'm not afraid of other people's eyes ? second confession
A serenade for you ? second confession

Throwing away my pride to ask you to come back
I'll be your shoulder strap and you can be my backpack

I want to go back to those times but why don't you know my heart?
If you will come back some day, there won't be any tears

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