Tonight We Have The Stars lyrics

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BRYAN ADAMS lyrics : "Tonight We Have The Stars"

We'll save ourselves a bottle
Of California red
We'll drink it on a Tuesday

Let it go straight to our heads

And we'll eat from good china

And make love on linen sheets
Just like there's no tomorrow
No surrender, no retreat

I can feel it in my bones
And I know it in my heart

Tomorrow may be rainin' but tonight we have the stars
We may always be together
Or miles and miles apart

Tomorrow may be rainin' but tonight we have the stars

We were young and we were foolish

We were easy to deceive
Said we'd be in love forever
And it was easy to believe

Well you and I we had our moments
Our devils and our doubts

But the time we spend together
We gotta make it count


So let's hold on to this moment

Cause it's all we've really got

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Writer(s): James Douglas Vallance, Gretchen Peters, Tony Mario Dofat, Jim Vallance, max C. Gronenthal, Kwame B. Holland, Bryan Adams
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