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Stay with me lyrics

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BRUNO MARS lyrics : "Stay with me"

Stay with me x4

We've been dancing all night babe

And you feel so good

The lights are turning on

I've got one song

Tell me girl, what you wanna do

Now your friend's sayin lets go

But I don't want you to leave no

I just want you to

Stay with me

I want you to

stay right here with me

I'm not tryin to go to fast babe

We can take our time

See I'm the kind of guy

Who likes to play it cool

Cause' I know later i blow your mind

Baby I will take you any place you wanna go
(you wanna go)

Show you all the things you wanna see

Baby girl just stay with me (Oh babe)

I want you to

Stay right here with me

Stay with me x2

Stay with me
(don't go girl just stay with me) x2

Baby don't go just stay with me

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