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Our First Time lyrics

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BRUNO MARS lyrics : "Our First Time"

[Verse 1:]
Girl here we are, in this big old empty room
Staring at ya, who's gonna make the first move
Been doing our thing for a minute
And now when our hearts are in it
The only place to go, is all the way (ah, hmm)

Is that alrgiht (alright)
Is that okay (okay)
You don't need to be nervous (no baby)
Cause I, got, you, all, night
Don't you worry bout a thing babe, just

just Go with it, go with it, go with it (I will go real)
slow with it, slow with it
It's our first time
Go with it, go with it, go with it (I will go real)
slow with it, slow with it
It's my first time on you, baby
And I wanna make it right for you
(it's our first time)

[Verse 2:]
Clothes are not required, for what we got planned
Ooo girl you're my desire, your wish is my demand
Treat you like a princess, oh girl you're so delicious
Like ice cream on a summer day gonna eat you before you melt away

[Repeat Break]

[Repeat Chorus]

We can go slow (we can go slow)
We can go fast (we can go fast)
All you gotta do is ask me girl (ask me girl)
The candles are burning (candles are burning)
Our bodies are yearning (bodies are yearning)
I can't wait to love you
I'm so ready baby, i'm so ready baby

[Repeat Chorus]

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Writer(s): Bruno Mars, Brian Wiggins, Mitchum Chin, Dwayne Chin-Quee, Ari Levine, Christopher Steven Brown, Brody Brown, Eric Hernandez, Philip Lawrence, Brian L. Wiggins, Peter Gene Hernandez
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