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Bright Eyes lyrics : "cartoon blues"

i listened to a lecture of nonsense til dawn
by a plagiary poet with dark glasses on
he said, "how did you ever dream up that song, the one where the baby dies?"

i said "i'll tell you the secret, which one's your good ear?
yeah people are made up of water and fear
if there weren't women present we wouldn't be here

so let's make like we're friends."

and the pot turned to powder and soured the mood

and the people i'd come with were gone from the room
so i asked like a child, "may i be excused?"
and disobeyed them all

into that late-night latrine
rain soaking through my shoes

i tried walking backwards to get less confused
working off the theory i could never prove
that it was life itself to blame

Imn time we'll win the world
like a failed revolution

a tumour we could not remove
an old friend
a constant

the blues

now my days are distractions, sit wringing my hands
solitaire, crosswords and films on demand

when you turn from a cartoon back into a man
you start to smell that human smell

so i sleep with the fan on to drown out the street
and the noise rising up from the bar underneath
but for that inconvenience all my drinks are free

so i guess it's just as well

why do i envy the ending right from the start

just get it together to take it apart
watching the horse as it follows the cart,
i sweep up my broken spell

and i felt something changing the world
like a new constitution

a thief i would have to pursue
at all times
at all costs

the truth

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Writer(s): Conor Oberst
Copyright: Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Bedrooms Bedrooms And Spiders
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