Coat Check Dream Song lyrics

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Bright Eyes lyrics : "Coat Check Dream Song"

Shrill as a choir of children
Urgent like the first day of May
False and inflatable feeling

Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy's Parade
One brick on top of another
Such is the measure of man

Planets are inset like diamonds
On a gravity halo, eternity's wedding band
I slept with that dealer all summer

The ecstasy is still in my spine
Coat Check I couldn't remember
Walked into the winter, came out on the other side

In the South the sun is shining
Back in the East the lights went out

Stuck on a ladder to heaven
On trial way back in The Hague

Lullaby sounds from the engine
In my Styrofoam coffin, asleep on the interstate
Black globes, old symbols of freedom

A murderer still on the lam
Cities encircled in iron
On a great silver beltway, democracy's shackled hands

Séance that brought us together
Objects we move with our minds
Coat Check and I lost the number

Short sleeves in the winter, fell back through the other side

Out in the West the cars are crashing

Up in the North the ice gave out

Saada Tekmel B'Lhouria...


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Writer(s): Conor Oberst, Nate Walcott
Copyright: Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Bedrooms Bedrooms And Spiders
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