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Cabin Fever lyrics

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I wonder why I bother getting out of bed
I've got this point of view I borrowed from a friend
He knows how hard it is to make up your own mind
So if he wants to do it for me thats just fine

Its easy when you realize
You're nothing, you're nothing
It's easy when you realize

I wonder why I bother going out at all
I have this room thats got no windows only walls
It gets so dark inside I lose track of the time
So if I sleep and die dont wake me I dont mind

Its easy when you realize
You're nothing, youre nothing
Its easy when you realize

Trying to sleep but I always wake up
Havent seen you for weeks maybe we Should break up
Please dont ask why
Baby dont ask why
Please dont ask why
I think it's time we say goodbye

Lying here on the floor I cant stand up to it
Got to dream anymore these monsters haunting my sleep
Put a lock on the door to try and keep them outside
But their in my head I dont know where I can hide
So im talking to them cause I lost all my friends
I can forget what I want so I'll get drunk again
I dont wanna feel anymore cause I only feel pain
Put my thoughts in the sink and watch them go down the drain

Lie down to sleep but I might stop breathing
My heart beats so weak I'm so scared of leaving
I dont wanna die
I dont wanna die
I dont wanna die
Too fucking young to say goodbye

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