Take Me To Infinity lyrics

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Breathe Carolina lyrics : "Take Me To Infinity"

Take me to infinity
If we could stop tonight then there would be no goodbye
Don't let me go, don't you dare close your eyes

Take me to infinity
Trust what you feel cause your eyes will decieve
Take everything, all the time you can steal

And it felt like ooo ooo ooo ooo!
Take me to infinity
Sparkle and shine, baby light up the sky.

I'll feel up your soul, in the dark if you're shy
Take me to inifinty
Out of control at the speed of this light

A never ending ride so we'll never die
Take me to infinity
Keep the beat between your teeth, it's relentless and real.

Come on and melt your body, let your hips hit your knees.

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Writer(s): David Schmitt, Michael Joseph Green, Kyle Even
Copyright: Emi April Music (Canada) Ltd., It'S A Dance Party, Songs Of Universal Inc., Time To Chill Music, Oss Music, Fear More Music, WB Music Corp.
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