Part-Time Love lyrics

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Bread lyrics : "Part-Time Love"

Part-Time Love
I need somebody who's consistent
with me

Someone already there when I need
'Cause when l'm feeling low

I don't want to have to go out
For a part-time kind of love

And when the dreams and rainbows
start to disappear

Don't want somebody up and running
out here
'Cause when you stop and start

Baby it's just too hard upon
my heart
That part-time kind of love

And I can't take you darling living here
wait and see

I want somebody who's committed
now to me
Somewhere, someday you'll have

to take a chance
So if you like the music baby
get up and dance

And if we grow together daring to dream
I know we'll find our shares of

peaches and cream
And when the juices flow
I don't want no no no excuses

Just want your full time love
for me
Just want your full time love

for me.

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