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BRANDY lyrics : "Happy"

I don't even know
How it got this way
When I first met you

I never thought your love was true
But I'm glad I saw just what was in store
All the while you plan to be my man

Now I'm in love with you


You make me happy
You make me feel so good
With the things you do for me

Oh baby can't you see that
You make me happy
Make me feel so good

With the things you do for me
Oh baby,baby,baby

In search of happiness
Tryin' to find someone
Who can make my life so complete baby

If I only knew that someone was you boy
There would have been more happy days
So don't you go away


No one can make me feel this way

You always seem to brighten up my day

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Writer(s): Lawrence Smith, Joseph Simmons, Fred Jerkins Iii, Japhe Tejeda, dmc run, Rodney Jerkins, Darryl Mcdaniels, Brandy Norwood, Dennis Matkosky, Brandi M. Carlile, Lashawn Daniels, Lashawn Ameen Daniels, Alrry Smith
Copyright: Promuse Inc., Sony/ATV Melody, Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Bran-bran Music, Rush Groove Music, Southern Oracle Music LLC, Lashawn Daniels Productions, Fred Jerkins Publishing, Rabasse Music Ltd., Henchi Music, Rodney Jerkins Productions, Emi April Music Inc., Karles Music, Protoons Inc.
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