Gasoline lyrics

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BRAND NEW lyrics : "Gasoline"

So you tried to put a fire out
But you used gasoline
And when the congregation gathered around

You're screamin' "it wasn't me"
So there is a sickness that is going around
No one's go a vaccine

I think it drowned in holy water
I think it's time we all come clean

I swear its like dying to catch a ghost
It feels like I'm trying to hold smoke

When the army had to hold the line
you where nowhere near the front
Before the kids could tell their dog goodbye

Well you were loading up your gun
I want to know what is the great divide
I wanna know what I've become

You think that no one else is lonesome
You think that you're the only one

It feels like I'm jumping towards a train
It feels like I'm jumping towards a train
But I'm trying to find a way

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa

Writer(s): Vincent Accardi
Copyright: Gut Bloodfoot Music
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