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BOW WOW lyrics : "Sway In The Morning"

Find me in a nice spot
Why you get this %#@!.
Bow is the name

Don't get it twist always wear rubber when I am?it (*##$es
Room full of cash you will think I sell a lot of dope

I runt his %#@!...these other rappers like?when is ay I ball

Next to Diddy smoke?till my lungs colas...

I got round people bag money I am so fresh so clean

Like outcast money never been broke?what up cash money

Rest of you funny...so I spent out on gas money

That's what we call?money...past on it

My passport got a...I just left capitol hill

Cause...Us currency don't make enough money

To accommodate what?all your Mcs wishing up to turn into me

See my flow...I spit Cole now get served

You flip .. you act...I do more in death...you are rapping with

I am gonna red no serial...listen now make a new one you know who

I get so much money...I need a new one?

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