White Girl lyrics

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BOW WOW lyrics : "White Girl"



Fresh Black Tee, In My All Black Phantom
Errwhere I Go All The Hoes Say
I'm Handsome

Flying Nothing But The Best
And That's
G-5 A Betta Yea Never Find Ya Boi

Bow weezy
On Delta. I'm Rich As A Son Bitch So You
Know I'm Cocky, I Can Buy Anything Nigga

Sit Back
And Watch Me.I'm On My Tour Bus, I Got
A Couple

Bad Hoes.One Darkskin, Fat Booty, And A
You Know It's Going Down, Like Yung Joc.

And I
Don't Give A Damn If You Like Me Or Not.
See You Can Never Play Me, Cause I Come

The O, And Like Ice-Cube I Gets Dough.

Now Tell Me, Have You Ever Seen A Nigga
21 Who Do It Me.Orange Lamborghini Looking

Halloween.And When I Step Out You
Know I'm

Stepping Out Clean.
Ya Boi Stay Fresh
Yes Like

Potpourri And Chains Stay
Shinin Cause
I Spend Two Hundred Gs

And If You
Got A Man I Bet He Ain't
Like B

So Why Don't You Drop Him
And Come And
Roll With Me. He Give You

Ten Minutes And
I'm A All Nighter And I'm a Beat
It Up Baby

Like A Streetfighter
I Heard Alot Of Flows,
But Mines Is Much

Tighter And I Ain't Even
Gotta Use A Damn
Ghost Rider

Ya Boi So Hot I Put The
Sun Outta Buisness
And If It's Brand New Than You Know That

I'm In It
I'm At The Mall Errday So You Know I'm Kitted
Newly Jeans, Proto Tee That's How Your Boy

Stay Fitted
You Rum Ass Niggas Ain't
Livin How We

Livin The Talent Ain't Luck, Homie It Was

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