The Don, The Dutch lyrics

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BOW WOW lyrics : "The Don, The Dutch"

Uh Neptunes
Bow Wow a.k.a. the don the dutch

Fa sho Star Trak collabo uh huh

[Chorus 2x:]

They call me Bow Wow
The Don the Dutch (Dutch)
Ask your girl man, she know wassup

They call me Bow Wow
The Don the Dutch
Get out my face homie, don't get smacked up

[Verse 1:]
When's the last time ya seen

An emcee so clean
I do my thing
They don't even think I'm 16

I got a couple of cribs
Push a couple of cars
I pull a Maserati out the garage

That's how I ride I'm worldwide
You say you better whatever

Don't be irrational
Seein me passin you
I'm goin, you're lost

Hit you with the light and I'ma dust your Porsche
Cuz I'm a dope emcee and I'm bound by law
From LA all the way to New York

To you emcees who jock my style
You better freeze
'Fore I get hostile

You wannabes
But you're not like Bow
As you can see

I'm much realer
Was born to get on and perform get skriller
The freshest of the fresh, the best

You know it


[Verse 2:]
Everywhere I go

Sold out shows
So many chicks all over the globe
I got a G4 plane

I fly it alot
Girls be on board all over my jock
I kicks lotsa game

Jewels galore
From the scene Shago velour
Some girl in Spain by the name of Deja

Chill with me and Ling when I'm down in Asia
Ain't nobody my same age
Flow like I flow when I gets on stage

Number one hits
You know my style
Ya'll know how I get down

I rock funky fresh gear
That's what I'm about
The Jordans brand new but mine's ain't out

I got a Range, doo rag, and new white T
What I need with a 80 when I rock minks


Baby you're so cool

Ah, you're so cool
Baby you're so cool
Ah, you're so cool

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Writer(s): Pharrell Williams, Shad Gregory Moss, Rahman Griffin
Copyright: Notting Hill Music (Uk) Ltd.
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