Crunch Time lyrics

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BOW WOW lyrics : "Crunch Time"

I do it better when it's crunch time
^!$$%s mad, cuz my money long like the munch line
I'm here for now and forever

Always at my best even under pressure
Wait for me and panda rose
Mr. Child them at the girls

Number one in the state now I'm kickin' now b*tches
I'mma muthaf-ckin illest when you see me salute me
Tell promoters in advance hundred thousand book me

The world waiting on my %#@! to droppin',
When I do my %#@! y'all be the everything to cop,

B*tch beg ya pardon,
There no jealous Aston Martin,
I'mma muthaf*cka don't get me startin',

Then I came to the bottom then to the top,
Its so hot,
From where you up here,

Here come aside coming up shortly with an album,
Young money here Wayne no. 1 come runnin' at 2,
I see Drizzy on the way,

But Nicki gonna shoot,
I gettin' ball with this rap %#@!,
And it getting to easy,

And the ^!$$%s do their thang like bow weezy,
And I do it do it I do it to the fullest,
Keep it bay right b*tch strip it talk like Sandra Bullock,

Tell I'm all over the radio and I be topin' that chart,
Check it we all Harlem rap that is f*ckin work of art,
I got e (*##$es going crazy like damn they have grown up,

Now they be women just believe let my toe bust,
Smokin' all that %#@! you know what we smoke,
Ridin Ferraris, Drive as far as I always be on the boat,


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