Can i be your man lyrics

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BOW WOW lyrics : "Can i be your man"

[Bow Wow]
I can love her forever now,
From Orlando but it's magic when we both together,

Plus the momma on her own...
B-tch all...
And she stunting like me,

Is she on her own,
[? ]
Like latifah she my queen,

And I ain't TIP girl but I can be your king,
It's nothing she special,
My butterfly like Mariah,

I'm addicted to her love and like a drug my supplier,
And I'll eat you like a pastry,
Girl ain't no faking,

No f-ck a...
Baby I will give you all,
G5 planes when it's time to take them trips,

Shopping sprees buy it up,
Girl I spoil you, you like milk,
Hit the backseat of my Maybach,

Me and you alone,
Watching runs house episodes,
With them curtains closed,

I'm a wife her, I like her,
She a knock out like Tyson,
I only want you, there ain't another girl like you,

[Chorus: Lil Wayne & Bow Wow]
Girl I know you got a man,

She gotta understand,
That the n-gga can't treat you like I can,
Shorty can I be your man,

Your man, your man
Shorty can I be your man,
Your man, your man,

Shorty and look I know I did you wrong girl,
That wasn't the plan,
And can I take it back I got a question,

Can I be your man, your man, your man,
Shorty, can I be your man,
Your man, your man,

[Bow Wow:]
I'm lost, no map, no atlas,

No GPS, baby no one can...
Got the same tattoo,
See mine is on my arm,

Yours is right behind your ears,
She my lucky charm,
And I ain't mean you no harm,

In the beginning I was tripping,
When I be out on the road, she the only thing I'm missing,
I miss your kisses, miss you hugs, way you loving,

Miss your touches, acting like I ain't like it,
Knowing damn well I was fronting,
I was bugging, and all these other broads mean nothing,

And you can call me your cop cause I'm a do major hand cuffing,
Then she, she, she, she super bad, like me loving,
Then I like when she call me baby, and she like when I call her muffin,

Damn, you was all I needed, when you feeling down you lean on me like
Morgan Freeman,
When see, when she be around, I be feeling more than free,

But I got this feeling that she love her work more than she love me,


She make a n-gga wanna sing,
You know you can't do it like I can,

So so just let me be her man

N-gga wanna sing to her

N-gga wanna sing to her
Let us both sing to ya
Let us both sing to ya


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