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It Ain't A Thing lyrics

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BOONDOX lyrics : "It Ain't A Thing"

[Verse 1:]
Now tell me this
What u fucking with the lames for girl?
Scoop u up out the night and take u to my world
Shotgun shells, Beer cans, and straw
In the heavy chevy swear body put to the floor
Were matching hard down the dirt road dirty and bald
Eyeballs fire-red, hot breath ice-cold
You with a killer from the cold if u aint been told
Holdin hands with the dead and we'll never grow old
I dont intend to harm u
Walk into the barn
You can sit on my face
Cuz i wouldnt mind the taste
I dont know about them fellas that u callin yo' friends
Might have to stick 'em in the face with a pitchfork end
We can walk along in the dark on Butler Bridge
Have your pussy hole spittin' out 15 kids
Bitch i was raised by the crows
And I've choosen you
So milk this muthafuckin dickhole bitch is what u do

[Chorus x2:]
It aint a thang girl
They must've not have told ya
I can take u to the underground of Georgia
It aint a thang girl
They must've not have told ya
We can fly together girl
And find a better world

[Verse 2:]
The SkareCrow is watching u
I know ya heard the story
I know u see my head turning
Bitch dont ignore me
You in the boons
And we the only food for miles
Whatcha' pretty self doing out here all alone out here wilin'
Girl u lookin for the killer of the cotton fields
I walked through death and back you wonder how that fucking feels
Girl i recon that u wanna do the dance
Take my dick out my pants im giving u the chance
The sherrif aint come out here in many moons
Nothing but the crickets and the scream of the loons
You can be the one ridin shotgun in the pick up
Getting shot in the neck with me during the stick up

[Hook 1:]
We can fly together girl
and find a better world
im here to show u what the fuck is going on baby
We can fly together girl
and find a better world
girl if u the shit i know u coming along baby

[Chorus x2]

[Hook 2:]
And im going down south with ya
Girl we headed down south
And im going down south with ya
Yea we headed down south

[Chorus: 'till end]

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