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Ready (ft. Future) lyrics

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BOB lyrics : "Ready (ft. Future)"

[Intro: Future]
Apply major pressure my nigga
You heard me?
[Hook: Future]
Money on my mind, plane taking off that shit
Nigga got five different iPhone's only picking up for that grip
Any time they come around here nigga we ain't gonna let up on you pussy
We just get ready
We just get ready
Any time they come around here nigga we ain't gonna let up on you pussy
We just get ready
[Verse 1: B.o.B]
It's Ray Bans, and free bands, we getting money,
While you hating, we somewhere in our Abu Dhabi
With Arabians, and G5, where my posse at?
Its outrageous, on that good Jamaican
That's right I'm too faded, you two shaded
I'm too greedy with two ladies
Excellence im azuberated
I finna smash like two potatoes
I dont give a fuck, not even two maybes
I turn up on niggas like rude a bands
I do it daily, I do it daily
That's my swag, you should pay me
Aint that the truth? this my whip aint that the coupe
Hustle Gang aint that the squad
That bitch actin' like you gotta prove
While they out here catchin feelings, I'mma catch a flight to ..
I just give her major pressure while she gave me major wooo
[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Anything they wanna do, hell yeah Im ready for it
Sexy bitch just throw that back, hell yeah she ready for it
They thought that the boy was stupid, now my shit they checkin' for it
And your girl she addicted to it, I think that ho need metaphor
All I heard is that boy a pop
All I heard is that boy a not
Top 5 on any list, but I moved up about five slots
Some pass one, high as fuck
I don't see nigga til I look down
Just turned my crib to the hookah spot
You are now welcome to the kush lounge
So miss my with that fuckery
Girl come here with that suckery
Ham squad Hustle Gang
That's that underground luxury
I dont mess with them fake type
I bet em all if it was up to me
Even if a bitch was a cashier, still never get a buck from me

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Writer(s): Emma Louise Lock, Nayvadius Wilburn, Bobby RaySimmons Jr, Mark Reynolds, Ciaran Mcauley
Copyright: Nayvadius Maximus Music, Songs Of Universal Inc., Irving Music Inc., Notting Hill Music (Uk) Ltd., Ham Squad Music
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