The Aftermath lyrics

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BOB SEGER lyrics : "The Aftermath"

Dressed up to the nines
Dancin' three-quarter time
The champagne is on ice

No one's gonna guess
In your brand new dress
Girl, you sure look nice

Have a good time
Honey, don't look back

Stone in the middle of the aftermath

Don't wink, don't blink

Don't let `em think
His leavin's got you down
Stand straight, hang tough

When they bring it up
Baby hold your ground

If they pry, don't sigh
Pass it off with a laugh
It's all part of living through the aftermath

You can do it honey
Keep that smile so sunny

You can show them what they want to see
Yes, you can

It's a cold, hard scene
The singles thing
Losers everywhere

And it hurts to the bone
Headin' home alone
When someone used to be there

So you take a few falls
And you learn to bounce back

It's all part of living through the aftermath

Living through the aftermath

Baby, don't look back
It's the aftermath

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