I Am A Lonesome Hobo lyrics

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BOB DYLAN lyrics : "I Am A Lonesome Hobo"

I am a lonesome hobo
Without family or friends

Where another man's life might begin
That's exactly where mine ends
I have tried my hand at bribery

Blackmail and deceit
And I've served time for ev'rything
'Cept begging on the street.

Well, once I was rather prosperous
There was nothing I did lack

I had fourteen-karat gold in my mouth
And silk upon my back
But I did not trust my brother

I carried him to blame
Which led me to my fatal doom
To wander off in shame.

Kind ladies and kind gentlemen
Soon I will be gone

But let me just warn you all
Before I do pass on:
Stay free from petty jealousies

Live by no man's code
And hold your judgement for yourself
Lest you wind up on his road.

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Writer(s): Bob Dylan
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