Boa lyrics : "Key Of Heart (English)"

La la la la la laLa la la la la laThough we are in loveSometimes we do hurt each other dry and cryEveryone has a such experienceI don' know the reason whyI could not find the word to get you backAnd I turned my back to you going outI don't want lose your love in factLooking for the wordJust a simple wordTo open up closing door of your heartBut it's hard to say for me I'm sorryI don't loose my faithI don't loose my nerveLet me go to see you to say the wordNot to be afraid to face the fearIs the key of heartI believe in love, two heartsI believe in love, two heartsThousands of your smileGetting back when I look back on those days of usNow I feel they are still calling meMaybe you're the same as meSearching for the chance to make it up nowI belive you to be waiting for meI'll be with you shortlyLooking for the wordJust a simple wordTo open up closing door of my heartLet me try to say just once I'm sorryNow I close my eyesWishing for you smileMy heart beat is synchronize with your oneNot to make up my mind to reach youIs the key of heartTo meet in this worldIs just a wonderNow I want to say I was born to love,fall in love with you,live in your futureOpen up your doorWrap me in your armsLet me dive into your heart once againTo try to keep our story going onIs the key of heartLa la la la la laLa la la la la la

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