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Who Is This lyrics

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BLUES TRAVELER lyrics : "Who Is This"

Please tell me why when I try to lift my head
To look away her vision stays
And I can't move
With a hope and a prayer that I don't dare to be

My reprieve comes to me but there's still nothing I can prove

And when all that I think could relinquish and fail
By her hand, why do I stand, I intend to be tormented?
But the worst I have thirst just to see her again
And pretend it doesn't matter
The feeling has relented

Who is this?
For eternal honor in my blood?
I feel you flowing in my veins
Who is this?

She creeps into a dream, I wanna scream out her name
But all the same I hold on
If you let him hold her now

and if I ...... (ably???) say
that it's OK
I am .....?
well I'm wrong
I grow strong,
(remember what I know)

Now it's all I can do
Muddle through and you know what I'm sure if only
(love shows to
......... day?)

I can roam across your floor
it's so sure............?

(By the skies) , was I wise
to ..... (rhymes with A)

Who is this?
For eternal honor of my blood
I feel you flowing in my veins
who is this?

All I want to become
how oh oh oh...

And I want to be her friend
And I contend that in the end
The love that's been beneath the magic
(Reading of the cards)

All I want to become
so she's the one with my answer
how I last
(I can fast)
Like a quester still comes home

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