Love For Free lyrics

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BLUES TRAVELER lyrics : "Love For Free"

What if I could tell the world I see you
What if I could make them understand
And if I could show those fools they need you

It wouldn't change the fact that you need them

And if you find yourself in great transition

And you think perhaps you've lost your way
On the edge and fragile your position
Then there's only one thing I can say

Welcome home
Yeah, cause its your home

If a tree falls and nobody's listening
If a party's thrown and no one shows

And you dream about what you are missing
When the wind in February blows

Welcome home
Cause its your home

If you hide amongst the darkness
Let me offer you a light
And if you stay, by the light of day

Fearful when the sun goes down
Come out with me tonight

What if I could make the world beseech you
What if I could make you understand
That from the highest branch no one could reach you

But should the bough break you can take my hand

Looking for the signs that April's coming

Can hurt worse than any ache you feel
Forcing words into that tune you're humming
Which did I make up and which were real

I know that really letting go
In spite of falling to and fro

It's not no simple thing
Not an ordinary stunt to try
But I can see it's on your mind

And whatever you will find
Whatever hope will bring
I can see it in your eye

Will bring release
Perhaps a modicum of peace
Perchance to dream

Perchance to bust out at the seam
And the mere chance
Sustains as bravely I advance

But it don't matter what I do
Without some one to bring it to

Welcome home
Come home
Make it home

Go home
Leave home
And find a home

Build a home
And feel at home
Cause it's your home

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