BAYANI lyrics

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Now uh

Turn off your radio, turn up your stereo
Northwest rock, rock on, what's the scenario?

Four years ago, two students skipped a class, went and crafted an album, some called it a classic
But, we've grown past it was good while it lasted
Now it's time to put the education into practice

Beats, rhymes, rice be the breakfast of champions
We hold the whole town down together with the plan to hold the mic with compassion like yuri did malcolm
Traveled down the coast since we dropped the last album

That plus one is how long we've been war-torn
It's the return of the hard-knock and hardcore from hard rock to hip-hop
The migration of flocks who once mocked what we ride for

It's side war, from sidewalks to billboards and stores tellin' all poor people that the world is yours
But this money is ours, you can get a little back
You start putting in hours, you can widen the gap

But you can see it in the towers standing next to the squatters who be wanderin' the city in search of a job offer
The first generation in the us of a to get paid less wage than the ones who came before the wicked waged war in a desert terrain 24 short bars couldn't measure the pain so now i greet the neighbor daily he's on his porch smokin' overhead thunderclouds move in slow motion, came across an ocean in hope of some better days, expatriated citizens of third world decay, where children translate for their parents sake in a landscape where the working class can't escape, these languages twisted, tounges get unraveled, can't understand each other in this modern day babel, now we trying to get a piece of what the city broke down, barely claming family but quick to claim the town recognize its serious but ain't afraid to clown, trained for confrontation there's no other way around, these sacred ground desecrators, they tried to decimate us they hit the ballot like the mayor's gonna save us and it pains me to say this but pain is what made this, it's gonna take more than just some rain to change this

Just some rain to change this...

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