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BLISS N ESO lyrics : "Vagina Ice"

It's Like 5 In The Morning, Sunrise
Cage Full Of Birds One Flies
I'ma Tell Ya I'm Beached On The Sand

Jeepers Creepers The Features That Span
From Head To Toe, Oh Lead To Know Oh
How To Move My Lips When I Met This (Ubba-Ubba)

Male With A Fee First No Money Given
Just An Ale By The Sea Surf, Go Sunny Livin' So
Follow Me Now But Don't Be A Slow Poke

I'm In The Pool Again To Let My Flow Soak
And My Tools The Pen So I Can Sew Hope
Into These Hooligans So Dopes Know

To Reverse Their Words These Chirpin Birds Are Writin
It Hurts The Herds So Curse The Surge Enlighten
Straight Off The B-Team Bench

Oh My Good Goodness, Look What These Three Clench
Yo It's Bliss N Eso Found Pulling Cars
To Listen To Echoes Down The Boulevard

No Radio We Travel On Whispers
I'm Two Feet Old When I Unravel My Whiskers
So Whats That %#@!, Their All Skippin To

Go To Check It Out But Its Nothin Different Dude
Gotta Come To Grips With A Grip A Few Have
But When Bliss Write It Mix Like I Hit A New Ave

And I'm Back To The Paddock And I Don't Stop Man
Call Me An Addict, Well I Know I Am
After What Doesnt Make Your Sound A Trend

It's The Business Takin Me Around The Bend
The Way The Rims Go Windows Sink And Breathe
The Wind Blow In Flows Indonesia

Thinkin Your Pimpin You Just Clog The Creek
You Shelve Yourself When You Turn Obsolete, Like That..

Ring Around The Rosies,
Pocket Full Of Poetry That Got You In The Mood
Could Ya, Would Ya Love Me If The Other Pocket

Had Nothing Else But Love To Prove

I'm Runnin Thru The Field, Free As A Bird
And Free Lets See Well Thats Me As A Word
I Roll With Knowledge, I Dont Stroll I Frolick

I Piss In The Devils Face When I Hold My Bollocks
Can You Picture Me Chillin, On The Sun Or Moon
Using The Galaxy As My Rumpus Room

Didn't Know Mother Nature Had A Rump Thats Cute
If Your Neighbours Can't Hear This Better Bump The Tune
This Is Somethin New, You Can Spread Your Wings To It

Swing To It I'ma Show You How The Kings Do It
Unity Between You And Me Sing To It
A Blank Piece Of Paper Watch What I Bring To It

Love, Which Will Encourage Your Next Visit
Mud, I'm A Poetical Sex Wizard, Run
It's No Doubt Its Explicit,

You've Gotta Get Up To Get Down And Get With It
$#[email protected] Reminiscing I'ma Tell You Bout My Future
Me With Some Kids, Chillin With Some Buddah

And Like The Pictures In The Book I'll Be Livin' In The Bush
Mother Nature With My Kids We'll Be Giving Them A Push
And I'ma Rest My Feet In The Kings Bed

Where The Queen Gets Her Sleep, The Only Way That It's Meant To Be
I Hope My Woman And My Young Get The Best Of Me
Coz I Need A Little Love Man, I Need A Little Trust

I Need A Little Bud Man I Need A Little Us
Sometimes I Need A Little Bit Of Rain
Just To Take A Little Edge Off The Pain

Use My Love (Ha) To Kill The Blues
You Got Me Thinkin Ferris Wheels Weren't Built For Two
Remember No One Can Fill Your Shoe

Read Between The Lines When I Tilt The View
See Me And The Music, We Misbehave
Sippin On Cold Drinks While We Sit In The Shade

Never Ever Dream, To Give It Away
We Tell Stories To Each Other Like We Live In A Cage
I Get Harsh, Leave Cowards In The Wasteland

Put Down Your Gun The Powers In The Statement
We're The Early Birds Spending Hours In The [email protected]&(t
Bliss'n'esoterikizm Flowers In The Pavement (Grow)


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