Royal Flush lyrics

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BLISS N ESO lyrics : "Royal Flush"

Well hello, let me introduce myself
They call me macka, big macka
And my voice-activated house doesn't even work

But I'm back in the lab again
Making something out of dirt
I got a spliff in my top pocket

I got a cannon
The size of something
You can't possibly imagine

I jump off boats
I cut through hills and gutters
I bluff the whole table

Like f**k you, silly duffers

We changed the game

Like when the first boat came with cocaine
Paved our way with gold flame
Flows aim to blow brains

With cards up my sleeve,
I play old maid with dope dames
Undercover secret agent

Code name is coltrane
In a dusty jazz bar
Is double 0 deuce with double 0 8

The two double 0 8 troublesome two
With a robo-tech dj
I'm cued across the fader

To the... who drops the flavor
Three smooth operators
(Just like that...)

(Unfortunately, we haven't time to play games...)

With my researchers
I do sidewalk astronomy
We burn the weed in seconds

I'm just chillin' in my building
With a... street collective
See, we struck a major chord

With the magic from the stage, I soar
Doubt nevermore
The raven's rapping at your chamber door

So praise the lord
And see unusually different, beautifully gifted
Sailing forth, mad musical misfits

Me, myself and my melody mistress
Make a monster meek
With magic in misty mountains

Where the mace and mobsters meet

They call me cosmic cowboy

Kookaburra killer
Max back on the track, yes I'm iller
And the last emcee

I barbecued on my grilla
Yes, for rilla
Yes, for rilla

So back the f**k off me
And go and make me coffee
You rappers think you're rocky

But not one of you can stop me
That's why I puff opium
With christopher walken

In an amsterdam cafe
At six in the mornin'
I'm kickin' the door in

You (*##$es are boring
I'm bringing the storm in
'cause you chickens are snoring

Can you vision me soaring
In this blizzard performing
And crosswords like clockwork

In glistening orange
(Just like that...)

I'm at the gambling spot
With my hand on my @@#!
Lookin' for another block
I can damage and rock
I'm surfin' with fishes

I'm pervin' on (*##$es
My mission on this bus
Is to get dirt on them hinges
When... troops came
For hussein's fuel chain

They say dollars make cents
But all I got is loose change
Shoot game, I'm that wildcat
Through the hoop's flames
'til doomsday, it's bruce wayne

On a crusade

I'm the king of the committee
Watch me think of something witty
Like a boring board meeting

And I slip myself a mickey
Don't eyeball me, (*##$
My clique is the goonies
My guard dogs are hard rock
Bitch, with an uzi
Through the world wind,

We pass batons
Swinging it like a magic wand
Poetical patterns like pebbles
Perpetually skipping across that placid pond
Are you catching on?
Let me give you a key
True love is not a cage

It's a home in which you are free
(Just like that...)

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