Gorilla militia lyrics

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BLISS N ESO lyrics : "Gorilla militia"

aw yeah, just gettin' warmed up in here
i'mma lay it down like this, yo
we didn't rush it

kick back and bubbled slow
didn't suck dick
hit gas and rumbled roads

now, can you hear this
magic grumble grow
we move like the drums

tic-tac and bumped a toe
spit facts with swift raps
untouchable with syntax

to (*##$slap a slumber

with impact to hit past a Hubble probe

spin back to flip massive summer shows
(one, two, three, four...)
ill tunes, trip acid undertones

filled rooms that sit past the country's coast
what if after this batch the bubble blows
lord knows where the chit-chat

and mumble's stowed
thrust in the ringmaster's Thunderdome
sniff crack with big cats with Wonder Dough

but through all the mish-mash
i wonder, bro

with that %#@!
i predict tragic troubles so
i bring it back

to this patch and drummers know
make peace to whiplash
up under his dome

and pitch black with knick-knacks
i fumble flow to fit tracks
and this cracks the puzzle's code

and infact since slick chaps
have bummed me clothes
we're trailblazin' a lit path by jungle's glow

so with a spliff packed with crumble drow
i sit back in the Bliss bachelor's bungalow

direct from the %#@! shack
at Lover's Grove
i sit back with a six-pack and punch a cone

'cause this lad will
bring back a bucket-load
of raw thick hash

and zigzags on buffaloes
i twist raps, i flip raps, you f**kin' know
so kick back, Big Macka's comin' home

no rich rags, i kick back
so it's touch and go
(one, two, three, four...)

so splish splash, click clack
let's bust a flow
(aw yeah...)

yo, when i start to get busy
I'm off from Sin City

there's no turning back
once Macka's on the track
i'm like Jack Frost

with a heatwave of new %#@!
(one, two, three, four...)
so back off as i reclaim this music

yo, I'mma tell it how it is
this is B.E.I. and i ain't
sellin' out for %#@!, so

now you know who
spits the raw sound
and taught these kids

how to kick the door down
hours in the air, run for cover
this world loves hatin'

as the young may suffer
it's like there's a
huge hunt for butter
but, funny thing is we
all try to hunt for cover

(one, two, three, four...
crank this (*##$! it's BNE... BNE...)

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