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BLACK SABBATH lyrics : "voodoo"

Say you don't love me, you burn,
You can't refuse, but you lose, it's by me
Say you don't love me, you learn,

Nothing you do will renew till time's through

Call me a liar, you knew

You were a fool, but that's cool, it's all right
Call me the Devil, it's true
Some can't accept, but I crept inside you

So if a stranger calls you
Don't let him whisper his name
'Cause it's Voodoo, oh!

Fade into shadow, you burn
Your fortune is free, I can see it's no good
Never look back, never turn

It's a question of time till your mind and you learn

So if a stranger sees you

Don't look in his eyes, 'cause he's Voodoo!


Bring me your children, they'll burn
Never look back, never turn
Cry me a river, you learn,


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Writer(s): Terry Butler, Tony Iommi, Costas Demou, Ronnie James Dio
Copyright: Mn2s Limited, Essex Music International Inc., Niji Music
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