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Planet Caravan lyrics

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BLACK SABBATH lyrics : "Planet Caravan"

We sail through endless skies
Stars shine like eyes
The black night sighs
The moon in silver trees
Falls down in tears
Light of the night
The earth, a purple blaze
Of sapphire haze
In orbit always
While down below the trees
Bathed in cool breeze
Silver starlight breaks down the night
And so we pass on by the crimson eye
Of great god Mars
As we travel the universe

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa

Writer(s): Butler, Osborne, Tony Iommi, Philip Anselmo, Darrell Lance Abbott, Iommi, Rex Brown, Vincent Paul Abbott, W. T. Ward, John Osbourne, Ward, Terence Butler
Copyright: Pantera Pub Designee, Onward Music Ltd., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Essex Music International Inc.
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