Sunday's Best/Monday's Worst lyrics

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BLACK MILK lyrics : "Sunday's Best/Monday's Worst"

[Verse 1]
Ayo, rise in the AM ? early morning layin', I just wanna stay in
I just wanna lay in ? pops like ?get your $$# up, stop the fakin'?

?We already late, and??
Sunday morning wakin', fakin' like my stomach's achin'
Moms pull out clothes just for Sunday's best occasion

Bowtie, no lie, church shoes was achin'
80-degree weather in a blazer, body blazin'
Already can't wait until this day end

Just a lil' ^!$$% that would rather be home video-gamin'
Now we on our way in ? deacon speakin'
Preacher preachin' to that congregation, mason?

Minds wandering off, not hearing that man of the cloth
Talk about that man on the cross
Now we back to prayin' -

Old ladies with church fans screamin' out ?AMEN!?
Lookin' at that painting on the stained glass
Watchin' while that collection plate pass

Tides, offerings, to me it's all the same cash
Fast forward, got odor ? a youngin' that's gone bad
Let me rephrase that, a youngin' that went down that wrong path

No matter how religious moms or pops was
Steal at the counters, went to cop some
Product of that environment I was in

One I left that front door, I could've been out of here
Bullets flying is the norm, so most kids walk without a fear
Friends dying is the norm, so they walk without a tear

Rather tat it on their face ? to who's? Wait
While the old head is yellin' ?it's never too late!?

Too late, too late, too late, too late?
Too late, too late, too late, too late?

Too late, too late, too late, too late?
Too late, too late, too late, too late?
Too late, too late, too late, too late?

Too late, too late, too late, too late?


It's never too late to get your values straight
Can you believe me, baby?
It's never too late to get your values straight (no, no)

Do you believe me?

[Verse 2]

Heater on the dresser, stomach growlin'
I'm thinkin' ?how can I make some dollars within the hours??
It's funny how them hunger pangs to your rib can

Turn a decent kid into doin' a bid
Over stick-ups, nothing comes, so screw the consequences
I'll throw this black hoodie on, walk into the kitchen

Grab my keys and my phone, call my mans to see if he's with it
But he didn't pick up, I guess I'm on a solo mission
Times hard, my God, I can't even lie

A 9-5 is not what I'm tryna do to survive
I'm thinkin', while on the hunt
Somebody ?bout to stumble out of this club drunk

Without having that chain tucked
?Bout to get that $#[email protected]' chain took, ^!$$%


[Verse 3]

Yeah ? in the club, chain hanging, swinging, wow
Baby moms is sending texts and sending threats like
?Where them payments??

Deadbeat dad %#@!, I hate you in the worst way
Spend money on rose, instead of your son's birthday
Mad quick, I told her ?hold up, hold up, I'll be there tomorrow?

Then went up to the bar to get another glass and a bottle
Okay, can't let her ruin my high tonight, not alright
Plus I pulled this chick

With every sip she's lookin' more and more like the model type
Ayo, lets leave, I take her, reach for my keys
I'm stumbling out the door lookin' for my car on the street

?Til I see this black-hood wearnin', staring ^!$$% tryna stick up
Shots go off, I fell victim? damn?


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