The Children By The Pond lyrics

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BJORK lyrics : "The Children By The Pond"

It's fun for the good children
to walk with Daddy to the pond
see a little quack-quack-quack

and the children enjoy themselves, ha-ha-ha

Give it some bread to bite into

the children enjoy this so much
all full is the quack-quack-quack
and the children enjoy themselves, ha-ha-ha

In the islet she has a nest
sheltering her ducklings

they all share the same blanket
sleeping under mommy's wing

They try and learn to swim themselves
happy to teach them, mommy is
she is their sensible defender

shelters and feeds her little babies

Once a little duckling I saw

the poor thing had gotten lost from it's mother
it kept swimming in circles
and could not see her anywhere

Mother knew very well about this
and her wings brought her there

terribly glad was the ducking then
and safe with his mommy again

If our pond freezes
it is fun to sled out on the ice
out there it is usually quite chilly

and poor quack-quack is so cold

With cold feet on cold ice

he sometimes freezes and dies
the children mourn their quack-quack
and so our story ends

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