Uh Huh lyrics

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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Uh Huh"

[Chorus: Bizzy]
Uh huh uh huh aint nothin like money in a ziplock bag
Uh huh uh huh smash with the cash 2xs

[Verse 1:]
I don't give a $#[email protected] if you from cali

You don't wanna see me in a deep dark alley
In a row where the hood go you know
When we burn the clubs and get at it

Drunker than a yiddy mop splitty mop
See them in the club and we hit em with the big %#@!
Big enough for the wig split, big weed and big chips

Mo nuts, mo gunz, more heart, no love for them sharks momma
Hit em with the mini mack and its like that. Tell him bring on the drama,drama
Said its all about the karma, I don't know

But maybe if you digged inside you will find a reminder of all your life
Times is tough, and if your up then nuff said
I don't give a $#[email protected], I don't give a $#[email protected]

Come along the way and ill be there when they all are gone
Said I would lay some more heat yeah yeah
Well then in this case well then I will say that beneath me my life is hard

Tell them I was destined with two heats in the book of psalms
Tell em I was destined with two heats in the book of psalms

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