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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Roll Call"

I present to you, our leader, Gambino with the Nina Ross...

Roll call, roll call (Seven Sign)

Rap is back to its original force


Commander-in-Chief and the Mob Boss

[Bizzy] (Laughing...)

I've been waitin' to rock %#@!
Yea, yea, yea, yea (roll call)
You mutha$#[email protected] can't shut me up!

You mutha$#[email protected] can't stop me! (roll call)


I present to you, our leader


Seven in Heaven, I love my bretheren, (?)
Ready? Come catch us
Hey, hey, hey

[Bizzy 1]
It's a war goin' on here in this Universe

Ha, ha. And I spoke my mind, and it liberated me
Rap is truly back to it's original force

[Bizzy 2]
The weeping widow and the abominations
That is tatted on your forehead:

You will fall in the new born Babylon
Y'all don't feel me?
Get on the mutha$#[email protected]' level!

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