If The Sky Falls lyrics

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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "If The Sky Falls"

If the globe stops spinning and the sky falls down

And we go all on the mountain, and the trumps make sounds
And the hand stop ticking, and the horse rides in
And the sails (get buff?) you'll all be down

Yeeaah, gimme dat water baby
This world'll drive me crazy, better watch ya back playa, playa

Yeeaah, gimme dat water baby
This world'll drive me crazy, better watch ya back playa, playa

[Verse 1:]
Stuck in the game, passing the flames on these lames
Never could fade me, enter my wall of shame

Hotter then lava, and the sound of the kitchen cajan, mayne
Maintain the main thing, blaim, it is a mystical frame
Enter the circle, exit quicker than aim

Slums up in the barrio, baby I guess I'm a bum, hey
Come for me mama, it ain't nothing but legitimate rhyme skills...
And baby as we represent the one all the way

In the circumference, dhunn-dhunny gimme the money
Hun-ga-ry mutha$#[email protected], say what? I'm Still sunny
Bizzy, he does it, what was it? What is it?

Hittin'em harder in the bank, inquisitive with straight saints
Daintily in the ain't, is following the bears
And quizzing me, is you crazy, I know you know what it is

It's just a starter, if I'm a martyr, give me my paper
Knee-deep like sheep, these wolves, they can't escape us
One time


[Verse 2:]
Holla back, you gimme the rhythm, I hit em up in that hat
And I hit em up in that back, if need be, the Mack

Slack? Never... but on the 12th of September
You better get everything you need, remember, One Time
Baby boy, feeling the clout, gimme the music properly

Yes, I'm God's property, monopoly, who gonna stop me?
Nobody, Gettin in em, we winning, seeing the women
Venomous in the minimum, baby boy, as we sending em

Ending em in the beginning, rendering what they want
But I don't pay no $#[email protected] taxes, I only smoke up the blunt
And I don't have time to front, you're rolling with me, well let's move

We duck the funerals, the usual, Bizzy let's groove
One Time


[Verse 3:]

Secular, molecules protecting us
Brain waves, respecting us, Punk mutha$#[email protected], they ain't connecting us
Recollecting us, and we bust, in God we trust

And the plus, I got mission, precision listen to us, trust
In the imperial, water floating and flowing
Get it up, uptown, all around, they not knowing

Skyline, high line, I sign this
Gimme my money mutha$#[email protected] I'm pissed
One time in the apparatus, no status, no gladis

Only the pimps, no simps, I'm still rapping
Keeping it moving for me, no nuts, no glory
Know your heads strong, scary story, that purgatory

I said it's ore-y or we eerie, do you hear me much clearly?
The streets in that direction and real people can feel me
I said it's ore-y or it's eerie, do you hear me? Much clearly?

Still in that direction, and real people can feel me
One Time


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