Get Ya Get Ya lyrics

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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Get Ya Get Ya"

[intro: bizzy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Roll that blunt (yeah)

Give me another toke homie
We ridin, pimp

[chorus 2x: bizzy bone]
Ooh, i guess they don't know, i'm finna call up david
And we marchin on them quickly to the south pole

So what they wanna do with us? uh, finna get'cha get'cha
Uh, finna get'cha get'cha get'cha get'cha

[bizzy bone]
Lord, crush they numbers daddies eyes can see
I know jesus carry me, he ever need me i'm there verily

I love the virgin mary, mexican food, without the children
Or the child shall lead to mommy, daddy love me i'm chillin
Bless the world if it's possible, i cry on my knees

Praise the lord, god almighty the creator of all lightning
Ass booty and cattle, blood stop, i'm feelin the brain waves rattlin
Tryna stop what we got, ain't seen no cops come

Stone cold producer, bad to the bone, i ain't no sell out
Better leave him alone, i'll clear this $%&^xx out
Shut the $%&^x up out of they pencil walls and then shake that dust

Fuck the lust, non-physical, now they got me in cuffs - one love


[bizzy bone]
Deep in the mind where they question me, what do you want to know?

I don't know nothing, but i heard that legend tellin me take it slow
Finna be, within the body this is a blessin
Better get rid of whatever you need

You better go get it remember to plant that seed
While i'm dead holdin the microphone, closer to the spirit
Clearly i get that jealousy somehow i just don't fear it

I blame nothin and it's surrounded, we're surrounded and trapped
Come up off that bull%#@!, pulpit, feelin the fact
Everywhere we lack, in the battlefield the $%&^x like that

Baby we serious and i'm not curious, you tell 'em to watch that
Ideologies remember scientologies, isn't it bloody enough?
Fuck it, we are the soldiers in the rucket rough

Runnin from the spiritual po-po
Don't act like you don't know though cause i don't know either
So y'all relax and take a breather, drink a liter then roll

We gotta, we gotta find somewhere to leave for our souls


[bizzy bone]
I call up my uncle let me cop some $%&^$%&^ mary jane

We been out here grindin steadily climbin each and every day
Fucker don't test us come and arrest us, show me how we play
Feelin me with the spirit, fight you back like i was anime

Quick to have a baby sick as $%&^x and jump right on the stage
Comin up out that limo pockets swollen payin attention to everything i say
Open up my mind with a prayer, as i worship the lord jesus

The dragon slayer verily, verily i'm reborn
Tarnished and torn, burnin up i'm feelin scorned
It's gettin warm i'm tellin 'em turn it up, turn it up, turn it up

Tarnished and torn, burnin up i'm feelin scorned
It's gettin warm i'm tellin 'em turn it up, turn it up, turn it up
Don't burn...

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