Bald Head Horse Man lyrics

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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Bald Head Horse Man"

One-one-one-one, mic check one
Gallopin to a hood near you, one time

Bald head...
And you know what I'm talkin about doin
I'm talkin about handlin this business here

[Bizzy Bone:]
They can never play me with they mystical readings

It's the bald head horse man, evil retreatin
One steppin up in the party for the [? ], patiently on a mission
I spread love, that's my family's tradition

Been on a mission as I'm lookin out for these enemies
Ain't no pretend-to-be's, dons of the game they playin centipede
Old school bring it close and serious now

Origin-al, with the mirac-al, to bow down
And tell the sixes that we comin to get 'em
Unleashed by the disaster and you see these

Little brothers thinkin they weathered the bible's evil-minded women
But the chicks never had me shook
They thought they had the good cookie

Until they hooked up with the cookie crook
Whoa, give them a rose, and give you one for your jewels and such
So pay attention little playa cause this means so much

Yeah, one time for they mind
Hol-la back, little mother$#[email protected], hahaha

Bald head horse man, horse man
It's the bald head horse man

Gallopin to a hood near you
It's the bald head horse man...
Breaker breaker breaker breaker breaker

Tune in, link in with us, we'd like to speak with you

[Bizzy Bone:]

Came back from the cold world, the people have the iris walkin
Came back with a blessin, now I'm strained from the heart I'm a talkin
... Been flippin out like I'm Dominique Dawkins

The only trick in war was workin out on my ego often
My flight is paid on the chicken hawkin
I don't work for evil so how the $#[email protected] they think I'm a mess with they people

They done read the book of demons, man what a slut
And then they only, heh - do your knowledge to the (*##$, so what
And I'm about the kitten so what, and it won't even show up

I tell the wicked army that the father up in Heaven with us
We claimin one true God, one these (*##$-ass demons
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is be the reason

It's the bald head horse man, yeah

It's the bald head...
It's the bald head horse man, horse man

[Bizzy Bone:]
Let me make a declaration, a declaration

For mother$#[email protected] to know so there's no more indication
And it's no more battle station unless it comes from within
And this is the way we do it, pour out your cup on the sin

Fuck grindin and hustlin - and to keep the dudes
Up off the stage while I'm shakin my stick, I've had enough of them
Ride past the enemy, smilin and laughin

I heard a (*##$ grabbed her homie, and I ride right past him
But, ha, #[email protected] mother$#[email protected] have to bury me
Jesus Christ carry me, only God care for me

[? ], nobody comin woodward with animals
Sorta like Noah's Ark, the people here be like cannibals
I figured the war was so important that I give 'em the rules

But be sell out to bail out, in the moment of dues
The time is tickin, it's considered the doom
And the money that you possess as we possessed in the womb

Shhh, calm down, you gon' whisper the loom
I represent the one true God, jump over the broom
Mazel tov, mother$#[email protected]

Yeah y-yeah y-y-y-yeah

Horse man, horse man, it's the bald head
It's the bald head horse man, horse man

Of course man, breaker breaker one-nine we're in tune again
We heard you, we heard you, we heard you
Holler back, one true God
In the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ [fades out]

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