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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "All Good"

And if I died in your arms tonight
They say just like the Corinthians

You know
Paul wrote he said man I die everyday
Ya know

Time moving so fast
Ya know what I'm sayin
A day on earth like 1000 years in heaven

Ya know depends on how you livin it's like
Where you bread at?
Where your leather?

You know what I'm saying
A lot of mutha$#[email protected] out here going shoppin
And I be tellin people about the west side

And let them know what's goin on over there man
Spirits man, it's a spiritual thing

[Verse 1:]
How can I make the spirits understand?
That I am just not to be tested by the outer man

And everything that we can't comprehend
It's not a mystery that god drinks champagne moet share dawn
Baby girl sayin that there's imperial

Watchin the tube, store up the blunt, please don't get it confused
Slurred your speech, love, or follow the rules
Home of the tomb, shake ya stick, these playa hatas don't know %#@!

What do you do, when the homeboys try to play you?
Get some new homeboys, or just ride as a playa?
When the prayer in the system the Father, teh force revolvin

Any problem, we can solve it
If we want it, then its ours then
I say the blessings, manifested from God

Don't get it twisted, this the Heavenly month
I see these (*##$es trying to trick you
They trickly moving quickly

And it's moving to the swiftly
Hehe, man it's cool

[Chorus 1:]
Yeah, what if I died tonight?
In your arms, in your arms

What if I died tonight?

It's all good, it's all hood

Oh baby, it's on
Fo sho

You know what it is
One time for your mind, pimpin

[Verse 2:]
All good, all hood, aw baby it's on
You don't have to worry about your title

It's vital beyond the bone
Believe in the one
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

Baby we must confess with our tongues
Play it to give it
I think we fit to havin some fun

Load up some funs, get a cab and baby, $#[email protected] those guns

[Chorus 2:]

Yeah, what if I died?
What if I died in your arms tonight?
It's like Paul said, man, I die every day, man

See, it's like a day on Earth is like a thousand years in Heaven (you know what I'm sayin)
What if I died tonight?
What if I

[Verse 3:]
I really don't know what you want me to say

I really don't know what you want me to do
But just get away from here, and only the Lord can guide me
Okay, you don't want me to stay and I can't wait

They say don't turn around cause again, you know what it is
Get away from here
Heh heh heh heh
And only the Lord can guide me, can I tell you all?
Do they keep throwin up twos, I will never understand why they do what they do

Go tell em they need to get the freedom from the normal evil world and take the time without wilin out and of course they gotta watch out when they cast they pearls
That's because I love you
You know that I'm not gonna hurt you
All in, you're never alone
One true soldier

Until the story's over
Crossroads, cross toes, hit em with a cross bow
Remember baby it's on
And that's because I love you

[Chorus 3:]
What if I died in your arms tonight?
What if I died in your arms tonight?
Yeah What if I, what if I, what if I?

Stay out the window man
With them X's and those Y's and the chromosomes
Real choose, real game for you mutha$#[email protected]
Holla back
You know how we do it

They say like a day on earth is like a thousand years in heaven
Is your grill leveled?
What if I died
What if I, what if I, what if I, what if I
Stay out that window
Man I'm telling you baby, come up out that tree, don't even trip

Don't even ask no questions
That's what it is, that question mark
You know what I'm saying, that unknown
Man that's where they %#@! comes in
And that %#@! start getting broken down into the fullest
Ya know what it is

We have an aide, we have a path
We have a road that we have taken with this music
With this movement
One true god and we will never betray that
In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit amen
If you don't stand for something
Ya $$# will fall for anything

Holla back

What if I
Haha I told you quit askin that question man...

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