BILLY JOEL lyrics : "The Nylon Curtain"

(unlisted bonus track)

why wasn't she a big star?
she could have been a big star

i was washing my dirty panties the other morning, you know
getting the dried cum out
i was struck by a nearly overwhelming sense
of disgust
looking down at the large dresser drawer stuffed full
i suddenly realized
this wasn't the drawer of some guy who likes to dress up just once in a while.

why wasn't she a big star?
she could have been a big star

no, this was a faggot's drawer
only a hopeless, sissified
down-on-his knees
faggot transvestite
would own as many panties as I had piled up in front of me.

hey buddy, wanna fuck that hot chick over there?
no, but can I put on her dress and take it up the ass?

why wasn't she a big star?
why wasn't she a big star?

it is too bad a women is involved
it would be better if
after the change they would have me either
getting fucked´╗┐ in the ass´╗┐
or at least giving a blow job
to huge hard cock

why wasn't i a big star?

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