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New York State of Mind lyrics

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BILLY JOEL lyrics : "New York State of Mind"

Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhoodHop a flight to Miami Beach or Hollywood.I'm taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line-I'm in a New York state of mind.I seen all the movie stars in their fancy cars and their limousines,Been high in the Rockies under the evergreens,But I know what I'M needing and I don't want to waste more time-I'm in a New York state of mind.It was so easy living day by dayOut of touch with the rhythm and the blues,But now I need a little give and take,The New York Times, the Daily News...It comes down to reality-and it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide,Don't care if it's Chinatown or Riverside,I don't have any reasons, I've left them all behind-I'm in a New York state of mind.REPEAT 3RD VERSEI'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line-'Cause I'm in a New York state of mind.

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Writer(s): Nasir Jones, Billy Joel
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