Young Love lyrics

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BILLY GILMAN lyrics : "Young Love"

Even if the pipes are knockin' and the walls are thin
We keep on rockin' like a cradle in the wind
We ain't got much money but we got enough

We got the power of young love

Who cares if the roof is leakin' and the paint is old

The stove is broken but we'll never be cold
Rubbin' two hearts together to warm up
That's the power of...

Young love, it's like a runaway train

Young blood, running through our veins
One kiss and I feel the pain
And I love the power of

Young love

We grew up together in our hometown

Got used to seein' each other around
And then one night it happened and it didn't take much
The band played just for us and...


The old folks complain about the kids today
But they were us just yesterday
All we need is the stars above

Cause we got the power of young lvoe


Young love, it's a burnin' flame
Young blood can't be contained

Washes over me like the falling rain
And I love the power of young love, young love, young love

We got the power of young love

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Writer(s): Sandy Linzer, David Wolfert
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