I Am / Shades Of Life lyrics

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BILLY GILMAN lyrics : "I Am / Shades Of Life"

I am black, I am white
I am all skins in between
I am young, I am old

I am each age that has been
I am scrawny, I am well fed
I am starving for attention

I am famous, I am cryptic
I am hardly worth the mention
I am short, I am height

I am any frame or stature
I am smart, I am challenged
I am striving for a future

The color of sky

Is blues and grays
The color of earth
Is greens and browns

The color of hope
Is rainbows and purple
And the color of peace

Is people together
Shades of life
I am

I am able, I am weak
I am some strength, I am none

I am being, I am thought
I am all things, said and done
I am born, I am died

I am dust of humble roots
I am grace, I am pain
I am labor of wined fruits

I am slave, I am free
I am bonded to my life
I am rich, I am poor

I am wealth amid strife

[Repeat Chorus]

I am shadow, I am glory
I am hiding from my shame

I am hero, I am loser
I am yearning for a name
I am empty, I am proud

I am seeking my tomorrow
I am growing, I am fading
I am hope amid the sorrow

I am certain, I am doubtful
I am desperate for solutions
I am leader, I am student

I am fate and evolutions

I am spirit, I am voice

I am memory, not recalled
I am chance, I am cause
I am effort blocked and walled

I am hymn, I am heard
I am reasoned without rhymes
I am past, I am nearing

I am present in all times
I am many, I am no one
I am seasoned by each being

I am me, I am you
I am all-souls now decreeing

[Repeat Chorus]

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Writer(s): Bruce Roberts
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