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Southside da Realist (Original Version) lyrics

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BIG TUCK lyrics : "Southside da Realist (Original Version)"

[chorus: x2]
southside da realist(yeah)
drug dealers killas(yeah)
sharks and gorillas(yeah)
hope that you hear this(yeah)
who said that we aint dope dealing wizards(yeah)
car changing colors like chamillion lizards(yeah)

southside da realist(yeah)
drug dealers killas(yeah)
sharks and gorillas(yeah)
hope that you hear this(yeah)
who said that we aint dope dealing wizards
car changing colors like chamillion lizards(yeah)

[Verse 1:]
Southside is Da realist
Ima make yah feel it
Microphone blizzard
Out on da grind
Gotsta get mine
From da state fair down to x to da pine
Home of da killas
Home of da G's
Boi's round here crawlin dub duece D's
It's anotha place
Southside's a island
Off in da jungle da gorillas be wild'in
Deep in da game
My domain
You can get it by da pack or by da train
Ain't no fakers
Got bikers and raiders
Roll down the exit night it looks like vegas
Small time dangers
thats wat dat is
if u ain't scheme'in
u r makin drug deals
blowin killa green got some hoes on da pill
get it how yah live cuz yah gotta eat a meal
I can't starve, drive fast cars
Cut up my bang I den shook up da stars
bang from da gauge, make em behave
I got crown like the king of the cage
King of the castle, hustlin master
me and kidd took big tuck to Nebraska
peep wat I say, don't come round my way
Gotta enough niggas to take up valet
6 niggas deep bringin full heat
we were movin 'bout a half a big every week
my nigga J had the jag lookin right
passin out da motor so we holdin on tight
gettin kinda dark so we flipped on the light
12 hours lata at a flordia turn pike
Exit Daytona gotta lotta marijuana
Laws pull us over but dey didn't find da gonja
Complete task count up my cash
back to dallas texas blend it in wit my stash
brokers in da past call me candy paint and glass
I done fucked dem up wit da wood in the dash

[chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Back on da scene jump fresh jump clean
I was movin dimes on da mean Eugene
me and ceasar chip,8-ball, and J.R
check my background fiends kno who we are
I were kept stutter yet a straight drop
Hemmed by the cops had to swallow my rocks
Endo is sherman, Endo be burnin
SS Impala Street wheels steady turnin
Stay down in end Dontae cut throat
Who dem whinny boyz witta i'll slam both
I done took a toast make hatas get ghost
AR-15 i ain't got to approach
Hit ya from a block, hatas wanna plot, put it on they top with infra beam dot
Snitches get stiches, not in the britches, I'ma fuck around have you swimmin with da fishes
Swimmin in tha gulf, times gettin rough, only thing good is a deau ja puff, niggas talkin stuff, critics ain't tough, i throw bows like a souped up bus
Its goin down in the dirty dirty tre, boyz don't play bout tha yay or K, holla after jets just got gallons of da wet, nigga lil Larry's have tootas on the vette, boyz in da(BON)'TON got tha surf and the guns, k'd off bird twan they ride foriegn, holla at the Luke and the 44 boyz, niggas up in Lincoln ride candy red cars
Nixon ride blue, dat's what it do
Bontae, Dontae, Shaw, K, too
Boyz in the east gotta get a little piece, chunkin rally stripes on a box shell (ca)'price
Boyz on the road ain't wax lil scone, comin through this hoe go status on the door

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