Stay In Our Pjs lyrics

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BIG TIME RUSH lyrics : "Stay In Our Pjs"

Snoop Dogg:
Yeah, let's get dressed

It's time to go to grandma's

Kendall: Aww, cmon Snoop

Logan: Don't make us wear that!
James & Carlos: It's not our style, man!

Snoop: Well what do y'all wanna wear?


When it comes to fashion on Christmas day
There's one thing everyone knows
You've got to be properly dressed to play

So you can't wear fancy clothes

Let's stay in our PJs all Christmas long

Stay in our PJs, they're fuzzy and wuzzy and warm

Kendall: They're stretchy for playing my new drum set

Carlos: And aerodynamic in my new jet!
James and Logan: And shirts and ties might make us die!

Snoop: All right, forget the jackets

BTR: Let's stay in our PJs and play with our toys

Stay in our PJs for cottony holiday joy

Kendall and Carlos: They keep you quick for a suction dart war

Logan and James: They let you jump fast, they even the score
Kendall and Carlos: And tight dress shoes might make you die!

Snoop: Then how bout these nice sweaters?

BTR: We're not wearing that!
It's messed up to dress up
In PJs with the rest of the good girls and boys

It's like wearing your toys
With pockets for rockets and space for ships
And game controllers with microchips

So come on along on our holiday song
And we'll stay in our PJs all Christmas long!

Snoop: I don't wanna fight em
Or disappoint em
If Snoop can't beat em

I might as well join em

Kendall: Lookin good, Snoop!

Logan: Isn't that better?
James: Check you out, Snoop!
Snoop: I can dig it boys, but grandma's not gonna like it...

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