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Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays lyrics

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Big Sean lyrics : "Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays"

i get busy, i get busy, smelling good you know it's easy
? on smoking that shit chinky
i got a rolex on my pinky b*tch you know what time is it
shining you know i'm blinding shit
won't you know i got a .. from the west side
so i got the finest dick i tell em welcome, welcome to the real life
heard you had a bad day, let's make it a good night
they say it .. we're gonna turn it to a shoot night
..alcohol and have ..cush life
baby i'm gone bust it up girl go retard f*ck be in a ..
you open doors i open ?i open legs, i open cars
i dream like i live forever, but live like there's no tomorrow
these niggas can't f*ck with me, you're ..i'm an animal
and that's what a doctor ?i'm a real boss b*tch
and i need a blowjob come over here grab a me and tonny touch
only ..stop it b*tch, i'm only .. blowing .. rwo b*tches
and you know they need ..what you got?

i got a ? and you know what it is..bring ..
got big .. in the mother f*cker
and i probably
my money is to infinity
go to trinity
i got the shit you can't ..
is just big.liek i'm ..
..b*tch call me
?now she dick..feeling like a f*cking legend
please nigga..but f*ck it i just go..
i'm running to the me feeling like.

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