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The Thickets lyrics

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Big Boi lyrics : "The Thickets"

Featuring: Sleepy Brown

[Verse 1: Big Boi]
Ain't it crazy how your life seems to play out like a movie
I'm truly one of the baddest motherfuckers to ever do it
Done did it, gone do it again, and can't nobody stop me
Cause I occupy these streets while these niggas they rhyme bout shopping
Been a handsome-ass nigga since my Mama wiped my bottom
Kept a plethora of pussy on deck before the money
Or monies, greens, bills, dividends and such
Operation grind and stack cause these rappers are out of touch
Or like a rabbit that just lost one foot to a keychain, out of luck
My tail is never tucked, so fuck niggas beware when ya buck
Let's be clear, I'mma keep it straight up player like a gentleman
But I won't go back and forth, east, west, south, north

[Hook: Sleepy Brown]
When my feet touch the ground
When I peep all around
And I'm feeling all loved
Yeah, I'm feeling all loved
From the way that you stared
For the joy of that I'm there
And I'm feeling all loved
Yeah, I'm feeling all loved

[Verse 2: Big Boi]
Yeah, it seems just like yesterday, where did the time go
I'm giving you the best that I got, Anita Baker rhyme flow
It's time for that new, new shit that y'all been dying for
Divine flows, the radio got y'all like zombies
Come alive, hoes, like a litter full of puppies
Or a baby with a onesie on, your old lady clumsy, holmes
That means she's falling for Daddy Fat Sax, wanna show me some
Sweeter than some honeycombs, she wanna be the queen bee
The numero uno sitting on her throne next to me but ain't gotta be easy
Why I got a seat for her, right in my naked lap
Reverse cowgirl, she ride it then make her booty clap
I'm breech birth, feet first, nigga with each verse
Been ten toes down to those familiar with the sound
So Shazam me and then you Google Dungeon Family
And when you do you will understand I'm buku outta my noodle
With this pad and pen, and boy you penciled in
You're temporary, substitute and we can't fit you in, let's begin


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