Some People's Lives lyrics

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BETTE MIDLER lyrics : "Some People's Lives"

Some people's lives run down like clocks.
One day they stop, and that's all they've got.

Some lives wear out like old tennis shoes
no one can use. Well, It's sad but it's true.

Didn't anybody tell them?
Didn't anybody see?
Didn't anybody love them

like you love me?

Some people's lives fade like their dreams,

too tired to rise, too tired to sleep.
Some people laugh when they need to cry,
and they never know why.

Didn't anybody tell them
that's not how it used to be?

Didn't anybody love them
like you love me?

Some people ask if the tears have to fall.
Then why take your chances? Why bother at all?
And some people's lives are as cold as their lips.

They just need to be kissed.

Doesn't anybody tell them?

Doesn't anybody see?
Doesn't anybody love them
like you love me?

'Cause that's all they need.

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Writer(s): Rhonda Kye Fleming
Copyright: Eaglewood Music, Irving Music Inc.
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