Everything I Do Is So Wrong lyrics

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BENG BENG COCKTAIL lyrics : "Everything I Do Is So Wrong"

Everything I do is so wrong
Everything you say is so strong
Everyday you're acting the same, can't stop destroying me

Everything I do is so wrong

You hate, you rape, your violence is not fake

What the $#[email protected]? It seems I've made so many mistakes
Now I hate you, it's all I do!
Cause for so long I've been like dying with you

You hate, you rape, your violence is not fake
What's wrong with me? Am I too weak and blind to escape?
There is no more love, just hate

It's not cause we have a child that I should stay

Everything you do is so right

Everything I do is so wrong

Mistreatment fuels again your $#[email protected] status quo

Miss world's addict, your dick can't stop getting up and go
You make me prey for god whilst pissing on my head
How long can your make up cover my pain?

Wanna hurt? You $#[email protected] #[email protected]!
Wanna lead all the scenes?
Gonna grab hard, trap me and force to obey?

Another insane, weak man, all out of blame
When will you stop fuelling the grievances of Shame?

And then I wonder what it looks like
To make me cry all along the night
I feel there is something falling apart

When feeling scared that the door opens tonight

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